Vietnam Village Restaurant

We serve Vietnamese delicacies and authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Kelowna, BC. We have a variety of mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes available to vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters, including the best Pho in Kelowna! Our Vietnamese chef uses fresh ingredients for a remarkable and authentic dining experience. Try our delicious Vietnamese iced coffees, smoothies, or Bubble Tea. If you would like an alcoholic beverage with your meal, we are a fully licensed restaurant and can accommodate you. Our service is second to none, as we share our foodie culture with our customers, who we consider friends. Order from our restaurant located at 1961 Harvey Avenue in Kelowna BC to experience fresh, healthy, low-fat dining with the flavours of Vietnam.

We are from Mekong Delta in Southwest of Vietnam. The food here is influenced by three cultures: Kinh (Vietnamese), Khmer (Cambodian), and Hoa (Chinese). Therefore, there are so many good foods come from this area. Plus, the diet here consists of more vegetables, rice, noodles and seafood. Uber-popular dishes in Vietnam are Pho (beef noodle soup) and Hu tieu (similar to Pho, but we add pork, veggie, seafood and spice). We serve as much of the same Vietnamese flavour as possible from our homeland to you.


Fresh, Low-Fat, Healthy Food!


Vegetarian Options

Our sweet & sour tamarind tofu soup is made with fried tofu, celery, tomao, pineapple and bean sprouts. Choose your favourite kind of noodle and your perfect spice level. Order now!


Noodle Salad Bowls

Our lemon grass meat combo is served with fresh bean sprouts, lettuce, pickled carrot, chopped cucumber, and vermicelli noodle and sprinkled peanut with your choice of toppings. Order now!


Chef's Specials

Spicy satay beef or chicken with vegetables. Mouth watering beef or chicken, satayed in our delicious sauce with fresh, crisp vegetables on a bed of fluffy rice. Order now!